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Villa Entertainment Group is a proud family-owned company in the heart of Syracuse, New York. Whether you’re seeking spine-chilling thrills, delectable eats, or the simple delight of a lemonade under the sun, we’ve got it all and more. Dive into a world where excitement knows no bounds, and let your curiosity guide you to a treasure trove of entertainment.

At Villa Entertainment Group, we’re not just in the business of entertainment–we’re in the business of crafting unforgettable moments. From the spine-tingling screams in our haunted houses to the laughter echoing at our fair food stalls, every experience is a chapter in your story of joy.

Villa Entertainment Group
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Experience a world of wonder as you check out our services below. From heart-pounding scares to delectable treats and refreshing sips, there’s something extraordinary waiting for you around every corner.

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“The entire event was well organized and well operated. I was honestly surprised by the quality of the staff on site. Every employee we interacted with, from the parking attendants and security personnel to the actors, was professional, well-trained, and kept everything moving frighteningly well. The attractions themselves were elaborate, creative, and delightfully frightful from start to finish.”

Angelina, Fright Nights

“Mmm Mmmm MMMM!!”

Charlie, Pizze Fritte

“Quick lines, thrilling features. Nice and scary again this year! The staff is always amazing too—security, line leaders, people in costumes, everyone.”

Jason, Fright Nights

Tried it at Taste of Syracuse so freaking good. Mouth watering warm & toasted‼️

Lyanne, Pizze Fritte